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10 tips for dating single moms!

1) Post a pic of your face as well as your penis

If you want to give them an immediate good impression it's always a good idea to post a pic of your face and your penis for them to evaluate. This allows single moms to judge you right away, and if they are satisfied with both things, there's no doubt that you will get lucky. Single moms don't have time to meet many guys, so they will pretty much take one of the first few that they meet, but obviously if they are impressed with the incoming package. So rather than wasting your time chatting and flirting with them, and then finding out whether they are interested or not, make sure to post a pic of your face and penis straight away, for them to enjoy. This will also mean that rather than a friend-type orientated relationship, you will get straight into action, and will obviously get laid on the first date. Doing this also shows that you have character and are confident about your sexuality. Believe it or not, but revealing your private parts really works.

2) Treat them gently but not when in the bedroom

Moms are rather sensitive, because they are around their kid/s all day long, but even though moms cherish the moments that they are with their kids, this doesn't mean that they forget what sex is all about. In fact single moms are way hornier than other women, as they are really stressed out because they have to juggle work and their kids and often don't have time for anything else. This means when you date a single mom it is essentially that you are gentle with them, but when we say gentle this only applies to outside of the bedroom, as when you are in sex mode these horny moms want you to fuck the living daylights out of them. They are so wet and horny that they will get up to all kinds of wild sexual activities, so make sure to be a little rough with them, because they will love it. Don't be afraid to satisfy all of your wildest sexual fantasies with them, because these moms have been starved of cock for a while and are begging for the right man to pound them with no limits whatsoever.

3) Experiment/Try new things with them

Moms generally seek partners to keep them company on those few nights that they have available, as most are really busy with their kids, and for that reason when they have some spare time they don't want to be anywhere near kids or in the house for that matter. They are looking to try out new things, and we can tell you that most of these are in the bedroom. Moms are really wet and horny and in need of fun times, and want to try out new things, so it is a really good idea to experiment with them early on. Rather than having boring dates where you might only give them a kiss after walking her to her doorstep, make sure to take the initiative and take her out for a night or hot explosive sex. You could even ask her if she would be interested in trying out certain things like swinging, dogging, threesomes or whatever else. This may sound crazy, but believe it or not it works, and depending on where you'd like to take this relationship, it could be the thing that puts it in place, and makes it a fun and fulfilling relationship, and possibly even a long-term one.

4) Get involved with their kids, this will pay off in the sack

We all know that when we go out on a first date with a girl, we have to be nice, friendly, funny and even quite genuine, even if the realize we asked them out in the first place is to get into their pants. A nice trick that smart guys try, which always works, is trying to show as little interest in sex, but in other things like their kids. It is a good idea to get involved with their kids, because even if you have to lie about your interest in them, girls will think you are genuine and might even be a keeper. You should pick them out, and rather than ask if the babysitter has arrived, tell her to forget about calling one, as the three of you can go out. Women will be happy but sort of stunned by this, and will start to get a little bit jealous, yes jealous, as they will be thinking that you pay more attention to her kids than her. Ever tried reverse psychology? Well, we all know that it works, and in this case it will definitely get you laid. In fact women get so jealous that they try their best to get you into bed, so it means you really don't have to try, and will get what you are looking for in the first place: a wild fuck. Another good thing is that she'll start to limit the times that you see her kids, as she'd rather spend her free time with you and only you.

5) Spend quality outdoors time with her

Single moms are usually always at home or work, so generally indoors, as they have to make a living and need to spend time with their kids. Because of this and their busy lifestyles, they often don't have time to spend in fresh air, and that is why it is a good idea to take single moms out, and spend as much time as possible with them in the outdoors. They will really appreciate this, because they will fill fresh and will really appreciate the fact that you are willing to spend your own free time in their outdoors with them. Some places you can take them to are parks, the hills, out for a coffee on the sidewalk, even to a football match, and they will absolutely love this, as it will allow them to take several deep breaths, and to see people enjoying outdoor activities too. You can even invite their kids once in a while, and they will really enjoy this too. By doing this, you will definitely be compensated in the bedroom, as single moms have the urge to fuck, after being treated to a nice, fun day.

6) Understand her priorities/limitations

Often guys get frustrated and often sick and tired when they date single moms, because they feel that they are not top of the priority list. But at times what they don't understand is that single moms are very busy and have many priorities, whether it is work or their kids. Kids are very demanding and moms dedicate great deal of their time and spare time with their kids, so if you start a new relationship with a single mom you may be feeling that perhaps she isn't spending as much time as she can with you as you'd like. This may be the case, but don't jump to conclusions, because it is really difficult to juggle work, kids and a new boyfriend. Single moms just need time to sort out their lives and to adapt to new things, so don't call it quits right away, because you could be ending a relationship with, who knows, your future wife or life-long partner. Just give it some time, because things will surely improve as the weeks and months go past. Because when you think about it, if she is spending time with you, even if it isn't as much as you'd like, she's spending it with you because she wants to, and is definitely interested in you.

7) Get online

In recent years the best way to find people to fuck is by joining an online sex dating service that provides you with the opportunity to meet likeminded people without having to get out of your house, and often without paying a single cent. There are heaps of sites on the net, and it is a good idea to check out a few of them before making your choice. Once you sign up, take your time to view profiles and even enter the chatrooms, discussion message boards and if you get the chance on the live webcams. Doing this will improved your chances of finding the right people, because if for instance you find a single mom which you have a particular interest in, you can get to know them inside out before going on that first date. That will mean that when you go on that date you will have a good idea of what their personality is like, their interests, what they are looking for in a relationships and obviously how they look. This will save you heaps of time, and the fact that you are seeing each other for the first time in person could even improve your chances of getting laid on the first date.

8) Try your best to be "friends" with her child

Many time a single women dates a guy that she really likes, but unfortunately the relationship doesn't work because her kid/s simply can't get along with him. This can be pretty tough, because first of all it isn't easy to find a guy when you are a single mom, and secondly it's even harder to find a guy that you like. For this reason it is really important for the guys to try their best to get along with kids, as this will not only strengthen the relationship, but it will also make it last longer, and hopefully forever. It may sound hard to be a friend with the child right away, and it can be, especially if they have a fond liking for their father. But we can tell you there are some simply steps to take to make the child like you a lot, and even sometimes even more than his/her father. What you can do is pay attention to them, such as taking them on a little excursion, to the cinema, the shipping centre, to the park or wherever, and occasionally but them a gift. This can be a cheap gift, and we can tell you it really works. If you build a relationship with the child, it will really impress the mother and it will make things much easier. All you have to do is take some time and an interest in the child, so then you can concentrate on his/her mother.

9) Be Romantic

Single moms love it when you drop by their job with a flower, send them chocolates, buy them a little gift or even write them a love letter. No matter how lame it may sound, women still are into these kinds of things and feel really special when they receive them. When you begin to date someone and want to make an instant good impression, doing these kinds of things really works, as divorced women have generally had bad times before they broke up, and can't remember the last time they received a flower, some chocolates, a sweet text message and so on. They will really appreciate this, and it will surely work in your advantage. If you are romantic to women, this often gets them very horny and this means that you will have far more sex than if you aren't romantic. Little gestures really go a long way, and women absolutely love, and the best thing is that it won't cost you much, if anything. Now and then, a little bit of romance doesn't hurt anyone.

10) Don't be too fast, or too available

In any relationship, being too available isn't a good thing, and this is the same for dating. If you meet a single mom that you really like and you are so into her that you text her every hour, call her five times a day, and visit her too often, and sometimes when she is busy, this is a real turn off. When women feel that you are too available, maybe a little manipulative and let's just say a bit of a pain in the ass, you'll soon realize that they aren't replying to your messages anymore, aren't answering your calls or returning them. When it comes to single moms there can't be a greater turn off than a man that is dependant of the woman and too desperate to see her. It's fine to act like this if you are the woman, even if still men can be put off by this, but it is horrible and often pretty damn freaky when it's coming from a man. Don't make women think they are being stalked by you, as this will give you little to no success when dating single moms. What you should do instead is pace yourself out, even if you are dying to see this woman. It is fine to call them, message them, and to surprise them with unexpected visits, but don't flourish them. Stay calm, relax, make yourself feel like the important, but of course not too important, and you'll see these single moms coming to you. You'll be amazed to see how well this actually works.