Curvy wife seeks sex meets with kinky couples

I am a curvy wife from Poole who would love to “meet” couples from my area… As you have probably guessed by now, I am not looking only for couples who would like to meet new people besides a coffee or a tea, I would like to find a horny couple who would take a curvy and horny babe such as me into their sexual fantasies, who would tease and please me like I am one of them, and not just a random person who happens to be there so, why not, let her take in

I want kind people, who would really appreciate my sexy curvy body, who would tease me like I am valuable treasure, and not just some random chick that joined their lovemaking! Softer fetishes like light bondage, some spanking, maybe even a little sex “torture” is okay by me! But I don’t like mindbless hardcore sex with rough people! That is a big turnoff for me! So if you couples read this, and if you are like this, or you like the same things, the curvy babes, light softcore threesomes and you live in, or near Poole, feel free to let me know if you would like you in your little private “team”!

Seeking partners to attend fetish parties with

Hello guys! Does anyone of you know where could I find fetish parties in Ambleside?  I am a wife who lives in Ambleside who would like to try out these fetish parties… I am not into some really weird things, just some light and soft niche sex where I could explore my sexuality… We talked about this with my husband, but he isn’t really into these kinds of things… we do some roleplay and some light dominatrix sex in our bedroom, but it is barely enough.

I would love to explore new things, to have some fun , and that is why I decided I will go and try out these fetish parties… Who knows, maybe I will find something I can do at home with my husband! So anyone, who knows  where these parties are held, or you would like to visit something similar but you don’t know whom to invite, here I am… a wife from Ambleside looking for fetish parties, and people who are looking for the same things! I will not host such a party, but I will gladly visit one, if you invite me, so guys and girls, give me tips and invitations to places such as these! ?

Slutty mistress after long lasting affairs with married men

Mistress from Bath looking for partners for wild and long lasting affairs. Although one night stands and wild hook ups turn me on really badly, this time as I mentioned earlier in my intro, I am looking for long lasting affairs with one or several studs, who would risk it to have me as their lover for months and even years! I don’t really want to get married or to be in a serious relationship, so that is why I decided that I would love to be someone’s mistress…

The whole marriage thing doesn’t really attract me, I think it is much better when you have no “limits” or boundaries in a relationship, and sadly I can’t imagine that working when you are married… I don’t really know are there other Bath mistress women here, or am I the only one who is looking for affairs, but I really hope there are others who could help me find a partner… But if I am the only Bath mistress, it isn’t the end of the world, I hope I will be able to find men who are looking for affairs in my region… So if you guys are interested in a wild adventure with a Bath mistress who is looking for some fun, feel free to get in touch with me! And who knows maybe you’ll have the best affairs of your life with me 😉