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A few years back I had the best alfresco fucking with my then girlfriend in a camping ground in Hawkshead. I was immediately hooked on outdoor sex and I’ve been craving it since but the problem is I haven’t found anyone willing to try fucking outdoors with me. I’m a single man, no attachments to anyone in particular and I’m honestly too busy for a relationship so I’m not here looking for one.

What I am looking for though is a girl half as crazy as myself who wants to have sex out in the open. If the thought of knowing you could get caught while bent over with a dick ramming into you from the back turns you on, then you’re the kind of girl I want to meet. I promise I’ll make this worth your while. I’m well-endowed so you won’t be disappointed by my size and I know a few places in town where we can sneak off to and devour each other without interruption. We can try this once and see if it’s something you enjoy and if it is, we can try it again and again in different spots until we fuck in all of them.

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I’m skeptical that this will work but I figured I don’t have a thing to lose by writing this ad so here goes nothing. I’m a wife, a bored wife with a freaky side that is being suffocated by a boring man. He’s a prude in bed and I have never been satisfied sexually the entire time I’ve been with him but this isn’t about him. This is about me and the fact that I’m searching for fetish parties in Ambleside.

I know this town is full of freaks and I know those freaks have to be meeting somewhere to get their rocks off, I just need someone to point me in the right direction. I am a very open-minded woman so there is no sexual act I’m not willing to try. I like being with multiple partners at once and I don’t mind playing for both teams if you catch my drift. I ventured a little bit into BDSM back in the day and that is definitely something I would love to try again but only with my fellow freaks. Geez I’m getting turned on as I type this so if you know where I can find sex parties, holla at me.

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This Whitby wife is horny as hell and she is looking for a quick shag. There, I said it and now I will give you a second to pick your jaw off the floor. Yes, I’m an older lady but I could easily pass for a woman in her 30s and yes my hormones are still raging out of control which means I am all locked and loaded and ready to get it on. Unfortunately I don’t have a man to cool my engines for me so here I am.

If you have a mature fetish, come on in and if you have fantasies about banging an experienced older woman, you’re going to love what I can do with my mouth and hands. I get very wet when I get excited so we won’t need any lube and I’m a very generous lover so if you take care of my needs, I’ll return the favor and make sure that your own needs are taken care of. There are things I can do to you that none of your past lovers have ever done but if you want to find out what they are, you have to contact me now.

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I’m going to be very blunt with you and put it all out there so you know exactly who and what you’re dealing with before you respond to my ad. I’m married – unhappily so but I’m not trying to change my situation. I’m just a slut wife looking for a few men to meet up with and have some casual fun with. This is a strictly physical relationship with none of that emotional BS to fuck the arrangement up. If you are looking for your soul mate or an emotional connection then this is not the ad for you.

Because of my marital status, I’m only interested in hooking up with married men in Birmingham. Sorry single lads but I’ve got to do this with someone who has as much to lose as I do. I can’t host and I don’t intend to travel far to get some dick so for that reason I’m only interested in local men. I will definitely make this worth your while. I used to be real freaky in bed and I miss being a freak for my man so if you want a freaky chick for some casual fun, then hit me up.

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A couple from Southend on Sea looking for a stockings slut as a third person to join our little sex games! Don’t be frightened, nothing extra is done by us, we only like to dress up in sexy lingerie, nylons, stockings and some stirring uniforms… I like when my wife poses in heels and plays a stocking slut for me, it drives me mad! I become a sex beast who will do her anywhere at any time! This is how we discovered dogging! So besides the dressing up part, we would love to meet a women who is also into lingerie, dressing up into nylons and heels and who loves to have sex outdoors, and who is into dogging in particular!

We haven’t done a threesome dogging until now, so it will be our first time! No matter if you have done it before, or you are a dogging virgin such as our self, if you are into these niches, you are welcome! We will go to the beach, or into a park in Southend on Sea, dress up in lingerie, so you could play a stockings slut until the dogging begins! Basically this is the only two things we need from you, to be into dogging and dressing up into lingerie! If you love these things, don’t hesitate, get in contact with us ASAP!